Welcome to ABWonderdive!

Abwonderdive is a danish owned and international dive center. Our dive center i placed in the middle of the beautiful bay of Small Lalaguna beach, Puerto Galera on northern part of Mindoro.
Puerto Galera is one of the 10 most beautiful bays in the whole World. The variety of the marine diversity per square meter is huge and even greater than the famous Australian Great Barrier Reef.

So it is not without reason that it's said to be one of the most beautiful macro paradise areas in the World. So for that reason alone is it a must for all fanatic macro photographers to come and dive with us in ABWonderdive.

Included species spotted in our area is: seahorses, pygmy seahorses, ornate- and seagrass ghost pipe fish, frogfish, nudibranches, shrimps, blue ring octopus and so on and so on!



The whole team is ready to give information and help out our guests the whole day from 7:30 am till 17:00 pm.  
You can expect a generous and helpful service and a dive center with all the comfort a diver would need.

We are offering courses in all levels in the PADI system from beginner level till Dive Master course as well as a vide range of different speciality courses.


When you make your Check in you will fill out your papers and show your certification card and log book. You will also be introduced to the way the dive center is running and get introduced to dive lists, wet room, maps of dive sites etc.

After a day of exciting dives the ABWonder Bar is inviting to a relaxed and comfy time where you and your dive buddy can chat, write logbook and look into the fish books together. Our ABWonder restaurant is offering regular barbecues, lovely salads, homemade food and healthy fruit shakes.

The whole setup is an all round perfect organization with safety service and quality in a high level. At our place it is past for the guests to carry any tanks and equipment, thats something our staff take care of. Equipment will be prepared for the dives you sign up to and ready for you on the boat. After the dive it will be washed and hanged up in our fanned wet room.